Wandrer <>
Sent: 10/5/2000 4:46:43 PM

GPS Hunting 9/30/00

My first GPS Hunt - 9/30/00.

First Stop was Fowl Smelling Air (Eric B.)
N 41° 53.199' W 87° 57.628'
"Pretty good stash. Though I would rate it a Difficulty of 1.5 and a
Terrain of 2."

Second Stop was Geocache (Michael Moreth)
N 41° 56.067' W 87° 57.512' (WGS-84)
"This one was a very good stash. Saw many deer and other animals walking
through the woods. Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5. Be sure to mark your
vehicle before you get in the forest. (Note to self: Must try this at night
!!! +3 to Difficulty)"

Third Stop was Geocache (Michael Moreth)
N 41° 56.49' W 87° 58.704' (WGS-84)
"Also could not find this stash. 25-30 minutes looking for this one and
appeared to be MIA."