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Sent: 10/6/2000 11:33:37 PM

RE: [gpsstash] Re: Anyone in San Francisco?

I visited the Firestone site today. The waypoint was pretty good, but once
you are in the area it is pretty obvious where the stash will be located.
Now it took me about 5 minutes to find the tupperware container once I was
on scene. Being first of course gives me first choice, and the piranha (sp)
is all mine. I felt rather bad with the cheesy item I placed in the stash,
and will amend my evil ways in the future.

Whomever is going there this weekend with the film crew, take note. This can
be an easy stash to find, or not, depending on how you approach the stash. I
don't want to sound like a fortune cookie, but "He who takes a direct path,
may have to ride on his ass."

Some other interesting spots on Mt. Tam are on this web page:

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> Today I placed the first stash in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have
> named it "Firestone" for reasons that will become evident to anyone
> that finds the site. Look in the trunk for the goods. Difficulty is 1
> to 2, as is terrain. Scenery is a 10 (if that coastal fog has burned
> off). Enjoy!
> N 37 degrees 54.637'
> W 122 degrees 37.590'
> WGS 84
> Scott Hinds