"Jeremy Irish" <>
Sent: 10/6/2000 1:34:51 AM

Added features to

Ok, added a few items to Hope you like them -

1. Added a quick guide to purchasing a GPS unit with a geocacher's point of
view. I've been getting a lot of questions about what GPS unit to buy. I
don't point at a specific model, just the features.

2. Added a place where you can check out the last logs on - I
enjoy reading them and thought you'd like to see them too. You can get there
by clicking on the "seek" link or go to the following location:

A log was added on a Canada stash since I sent out the last email. Good

3. When you log a find now, an automated e-mail goes out to the person who
hid the stash to let them know you added the message. I believe I'll set it
up to email other visitors as well once I test it some more.