"Gregg Gruen" <>
Sent: 10/8/2000 2:45:39 AM

2nd attempt NW Chicago

A friend of mine and I made our second (first daylight) attempt at a
stash NW of Chicago today. Turns out we had a few wrong numbers in
our GPS, but we found something cooler - another geocacher. We had
just took left the truck and realized we had no pen, so we turned
around to go back and get one. We were leaving the second time we a
guy hollers "hey, guys" from his car. We had no clue what he was
talking about. Then he reaches into his car and pulls out his own
GPS. Then it clicked. It was a very cool experience.

I always figured eventually I'd see someone in the same place at the
same time, but not on the second trip out.

happy hunting