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Sent: 10/8/2000 1:08:06 PM

Washington - "Iron Horse"

Iron Horse
by Jeremy Irish
N 47° 23.709' W 121° 26.67' (WGS-84)
convert to NAD27 or UTM
State: Washington
Stashed on: 10/7/00

Make sure to bring a flashlight and a sweater. It will get cold and dark if
you come from the east side. Family cache, though there are some tricky
spots. Don't always take the direct route!

This is a train-themed cache, as it is off the Iron Horse Trail. We put a
bunch of Tommy the Tank engine and friends toys, some train pins, and a
matchbox train set. We also put a camera in there. Please take a picture of
yourselves and put the camera back in the stash for the next cacher. :)

For the claustrophobic, I would suggest coming up from the west side of the
cache instead of the east side. You'll know why by reading this article.

Off Highway 90, you can actually get within a half of a mile from the cache.
Deceptive! Don't pull over on the highway! Do some research first.

The recommended starting point is 47.39279 -121.39311

If you have more problems, I would suggest going to 47.39489 -121.44736 for
a hint on how to get to it. Just print out this page and use it only if you
have real problems.

Happy caching!