"Bob Renner" <>
Sent: 10/9/2000 1:25:52 PM

Another Arizona Stash

Arizona has a second GPS Stash. It's located in the Upper Sonoran
Desert north of Pheonix. The location is at the Degree Confluence
of N34 00.000 W112 00.000 WGS84. This stash was placed by BSA
Troop 824.

The site is about a mile hike from Table Mesa Rd. This "road" is
a non-maintained dirt road that goes from I-17 to the dirt road
north of Seven Springs Recreation Area.

Travel on Table Mesa Rd. from I-17 to the closest point to the Stash
will REQUIRE a high clearance 4WD vehicle. I would NOT recommend
approaching from that direction. Travel from the Seven Springs
area can be done with a high clearance 2WD truck, but I highly
recommend a 4WD vehicle.

The stash is easy to find once you get to the location. However,
I would rate the overall difficulty as 4 due to the condition
of Table Mesa Rd. I would rate the terrain as 3 since there is
an 800 ft. elevation climb over a steep and rocky route.

Difficulty: Overall 4, terrain 3
Nickname: T824 Table Mesa
Web site: although not updated with this
information yet.