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Re: maintaining 6/mos etc.

ahh, gotcha. makes sense to me.
however, i just figured that if a stash disappeared/was taken etc, the
person who first discovers this to be the case would post it up here
and it would be taken down from the url and/or announced. this seems
logical...even if the person who placed it could check every 6 months
or so, chances are someone else would discover its gone before they
i would only be placing stashes in really interesting/unique/beautiful
places, so i doubt people would feel totally let down if someone
swiped/removed the entire stash, but it ruins the fun a bit

in terms of replenishing the stash, well, yeah, its impossible if you
are no longer near it. but if the person who posts it also adds a
note, like, "bring a little somethign to leave in case the goodies are
running out", that might be self-perpetuating etc..

just some ideas... lemme know if im out of line

andy wrote:
> I'll leave the GPS questions to those who know lots more than I do,
however, the following statement begs a response...

> On all my future trips I'll be dropping stashes off

If your travels return you near to your placed stashes, by all means
stash away! But I'd refrain from placing any that you know you can't
get back to check on at least once every 6 months.

I'm curious how others feel about stashes being placed that the owner
can't readily maintain. I'm one who believes the stash's owner should
be able to visit his/her stash on a semi regular basis to
periodically verify it's existence and integrity, and to inform
Jeremy and anyone else necessary if/when the stash no longer exists
at the specified location. It's no fun spending the time and energy
searching for a stash that may have been plundered or destroyed by
the elements, etc. Searchers can't really determine it's existence as
they might just not be able to find it.

What say everyone else?

Matt O.

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