Sent: 11/16/2000 1:09:15 PM

GPS-based mileage taxes

Read about it in a Yahoo! News article and then tracked down the
original source material. It's currently being studied and developed
in Minnesota in an effort to fund road construction and reduce
congestion. And other states like Wisconsin, California, Iowa,
Kansas, Michigan, Texas, and Washington are also toying with GPS
related technologies. It boils down to charging the commuter/trucker
more during peak uses of the roads or finding another way in (where
transit is practically nonexistent). Somehow, though, I think the
privacy issue alone will keep the integration of the technology at

Anyway, here's the article from the PioneerPlanet / St. Paul
(Minnesota) Pioneer Press:

"Imagine getting a bill for driving. Not a toll levied every few
miles, but a monthly credit card-like statement that details the
number of miles you drove on state, county and city roads."....