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If you plan to do any off-trail adventures, I'd definitely recommend just
spending the money on a GPS unit instead of attachments for your PDA. Since
most PDAs run around $300, and the attachments cost more bucks ($300 for
geodiscovery, I believe), you're walking around with some pretty expensive
gear. When you're out there wading through a stream or climbing a mountain I
wouldn't want to have that kind of stress. A much durable Garmin or Magellan
GPS unit makes more sense.

I dropped my Palm once and broke the thing. Definitely not for outdoors use.


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> more importantly ,the FAQ is here
> evidently its coming out in November sometime..
> my question, is this going to be sufficient for geocaching?
> does this model have any huge drawbacks in terms of features?
> i dont know much about gps receivers, but I'm getting it specifically
> for geocaching, although maps for hiking or driving might be useful i
> suppose..

The handygps is a decent unit, but I would recommend holding out for the
gps module that Geodiscovery is building for the
Visor. (


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