Randy Hall <>
Sent: 11/16/2000 5:49:58 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: hello/quick?s

> I'm curious how others feel about stashes being placed that the owner
> can't readily maintain. I'm one who believes the stash's owner should
> be able to visit his/her stash on a semi regular basis to
> periodically verify it's existence and integrity,

I feel completely the opposite.

The idea (to me) is to get out in the woods and solve the route choice
puzzle, hike, or enjoy the scenery presented by the stasher, not find
a bucket of stuff. If its not there, oh well. To me, that is not the
point. Also, if you think of this in terms of treasure hunting, its
always hunter beware. (Of course, I believe all you should get is
coordinates, nothing more, but that is not the way things appear to
be evolving :-)).

On the "which GPS question" -- IMO the most important feature is
ruggedness. Rather a rugged, basic, low-end unit than a fancy, yet
wimpy one. (I have a Garmin 12XL FWIW, and highly recommend it).

randy "the mapsurfer" (P27F102)
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