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New Belgium - "The Dingo's Bone 1"

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The Dingo’s Bone 1
by the Desert Dingo
N 50° 49.119 E 4° 19.895 (WGS-84)
Country: Belgium
Stashed on: 11/17/00

This cache is in a woodland area only a few kilometres from the centre of
the city of Brussels.

To reach the cache the difficulty level is 1. Public transport is close by
if needed, and it is only a short walk from the nearest road.

The site is on a slope and among trees, so it is not visible from any great
distance, but it is in plain view from nearby trails when you get close to
The cache is inside a large hollow log. It is in a 1 litre plastic ice cream
container hidden among the debris in the cavity of the log as it would be
very obvious if not covered.

If you approach from the South, you can walk right up to it without
hindrance, so the access difficulty level is 1.


The Desert Dingo

Jeremy Irish