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New Quebec - "Intraterrestrials Entry"

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Intraterrestrials Entry
by Philippe et Judith
N 45° 33.692 W 73° 10.618 (WGS-84)
in Quebec, Canada
Stashed on: 11/18/00

Location: Mont St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.

Difficulty: 3 (The stash is not visible, read the comments)
Terrain: 3 (You have to find your way between rocks and boulders to climb
the 70 meters of elevation to the stash)

Stash description: 5 Gallon white plastic can. It contains "prizes", logbook
and a pen.
First, I suggest you park your car near the coordinates 45 degrees 33.723 N
73 degrees 10.884 W (WGS-84). Anywhere else will just make you walk longer
or get a "no parking" ticket :-).

You will have to climb on big rocks, so wear a good pair of boots to protect
yourself of ankle injuries. Once you are on the stash coordinates, search
for a big vertical hole between huge boulders. A black arrow has been
painted at the bottom and is visible from the entrance of the hole(The arrow
DO NOT indicates the direction to the stash). Get down in the hole (you
don't need ropes) and search for the 5 gallons white plastic can. It is
hidden deeply in a hole between few rocks. Have fun!

Please leave it well hidden and don't forget to leave a note on the pad
(pencil is included). Thank you.


Jeremy Irish

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and
leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)