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Sent: 11/19/2000 6:14:11 PM

dEcepTicon caChe

deCepTicon cAche

40 43.31N
073 57.78W

hiDDen oN 11/19/00

hEad towArd, rIver. therE are 2 entRances,to thE lArge Site, onE is All the
Way at end oF N7th.

OkAy, ThiS is onE of ThOse haZy pubLic/Pirvate spoTs, itS in thE pRoceSS oF
mAyBE onedAy beCo_ming puBlic lAnd(hopeFully it'll juSt staY As it is).. I
hAVe beeN tH\ere Many tiMes-thEre arE alwaYs tOns of frRiendlY peoplE
fiShing, skAting, reAding, waLking Dogs a.>nd soForth. itS onE of My
FavOriTe spoTs in NYC. that beinG saiD, if you gEt therE and are sk[EtchEd
ouT, don'T go In,.. gOing At niGht iS probAbly A BAD iDe7a.

diFfiCulty/TerRain : 1/1

bRiNg a CamEra, nIce spot foR piCs maybE.

hints: -cachE is in something verY BIg and obVious.
-cAche is covEred in yellOw plasTic baGs to DisguiSe it As gaRbAge. KEEP
BAGS COVERNIG CACHE wheN you LEave>. maKe suRe nooNE sees yoU TakE it,/puT
it back-TherE arE manY peOplE aroUnD.
-CaChe is smAll dEli plaStic conTianer, bRing somFeel FreE to TaKe tOy/thingie therein. plEaSe siGn loG.


-beWare of hipSters EveryWHere
-aft]er You finD cachE exPloRe the siTe, , theR=Es intErestinG StuFF aLl
-iF you WanT,head to cor\ner 11th and Driggs "used furniture" store, for
neat-o ASsort_ment of VerY chEap inTe*resting sTuff, Can be uSed foR youR
own/this CachE. itS a Big wareHouse kinda wiTh everyThing you Can ImaginE,
not FurnIture onLY...close=d on fRidAy EveNing and Sat,.

taKE caR#e

the cache_nInjA ;)

e-MaiL mE

moRe to ComE soooo0n.
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