"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 11/1/2000 1:45:49 PM

Re: Personal locating device...

I can't help but think how this type of thing could revolutionize
Geocaching. Caches as moving targets. Think of it...

You place a personal locater device on a moving object (train, RV,
merry-go-round). It sends it's location every few seconds to Jeremy's
site, which updates the coordinates dynamically. The personl searching
for the cache has to determine the cache's trajectory and try to
intercept it someonwhere along it's path. Cool :)


> It uses pager technology and GPS, I believe. There are also services
> becoming available that uses cell towers and cell phones to pinpoint
> someone's location, though it works best in urban locations.

> Anybody ever see a GPS receiver attached to a mobile phone and sold
as a
> personal locating device for senior citizen's ???