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Phillipe Noel was nice enough to translate it to French. I have a version in
text and word doc on that page for you -

If there's anyone else out there who'd like to do some translation work, I'd
love to have other languages. I agree about the babel fish comment - the
translation can be pretty sad (but readable).

For those that don't know about it, there's a site that does translation at


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> hEad towArd, rIver. therE are 2 entRances,to thE lArge Site,
> onE is All the Way at end oF N7th.

w0w - h0w 707411y 31337, d00d. Sheesh.

Is the 'You've found it...intentionally or not' letter available in any
other languages? I could Babelfish it, but from experience it'd end up
something like: 'Welcome good time you my hidden marijuana! He is part of
secret cult World Kama Sutra Machine (GPS) playing! You know he is the real


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