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Washington State - "Monte Cristo"

Ghost town stash. Posted on

Will post pictures once I get them developed and scanned in.

Monte Cristo
by Jeremy & Samsy
N 47° 59.132 W 121° 23.488 (WGS-84)
State: Washington
Stashed on: 11/19/00

Terrain Rating - 2 (from the spring to the fall)
Difficult Rating - 2 (same)
Altitude - 2859 ft
Tupperwear container hidden in the crook of a stump, covered with metal from
old mining equipment.

Usually I wouldn't give a lot of information about a stash, but this one is
pretty interesting. Note that Monte Cristo is nestled in a deep valley with
lots of trees, so the GPS unit was struggling to get a good read. I was able
to get enough readings at 30 ft accuracy, however.

If you're having trouble finding the stash, locate the garage. The stump is
roughly north-northeast and can be seen from the building. Based on the
heavy traffic to the area please rehide the stash as good or better than you
found it. Hopefully the stash will stick around for a while, but I hear that
the town is heavily trafficked in the summer. Not sure if it's even
accessible during the winter. There was snow on the ground the day we hid

You can mountain bike most of the way, but you'll need to lock up your bike
to hike to the townsite.

Interesting article and pictures can be found here [link] (no affiliation).
The sign in the bottom picture can still be found today, though it is now
leaning against a boulder.

Monte Cristo is in the Cascade mountains of north central Washington State.
A booming gold mining town in 1898, it became a ghost town a few years
later. It is a favorite destination for hikers during the summer. It nestles
at the base of 7,000 ft mountains, glacial basins and the purest water
you'll ever find. Monte is 45 miles from the nearest town, 25 miles from
power or telephone and 18 miles from the end of a plowed road in wintertime.
Snows reach 13 feet in depth at Monte Cristo.

In 1889, prospector Joe Pearsall set out from Mineral City north of Index
and climbed to the top of 6000-foot Mt Hubbard. Looking north, he saw red
streaks of the rock galena, which promised mineral wealth. He named the area
Monte Cristo.

With the help of eastern financiers including John D Rockefeller, a railroad
was built and the Monte Cristo mine was opened. However, the mine was
uneconomical and was closed in 1907. The railroad continued to provide
service until 1936.

Monte Cristo is now maintained by the
Monte Cristo Preservation Society
PO Box 471
Everett, WA 98026-0471
(425) 733-7098