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Sent: 11/21/2000 2:25:06 AM

First Iowa! Observatory Cache

It has duck tape, guys! Posted to -


Observatory Cache
by Shelley, Matt and Adam
N 41° 53.61666 W 91° 30.08328 (WGS-84)
State: Iowa
Stashed on: 11/19/00

I have planted the first cache in Iowa. It is located at N41.53.37 and W
91.30.05 (WGS84). It is hidden in a hollow tree not too far from Cedar
Rapids. It was placed yesterday (11/19/2000) by my friends Shelley, Matt and
myself. The cache is a clear rubbermaid container with a blue lid. Inside is
a log book and pencil, some BBQ sauce (please take it before it expires in
2004), a roll of duct tape, a toy truck, a power bar (should keep forever)
and some batteries.

I'd give both the terrain and difficulty of finding a 1. The cache is only a
short walk from the parking area and is located in a nature preserve so you
won't get shot at during deer season.

There are some pictures of this cache at:

We're really hoping that our afternoon out in the cold weather will be worth
something, so please take a look at it and place your own cache around here.
In addition to placing the cache there we visited 42N91W and 42N92W as part
of the project on There's just way too much fun to be
had with a GPS receiver.


Jeremy Irish