Sent: 11/22/2000 12:11:45 PM

[gpsstash] Travelling stash item...

heh, I Dont ThinK thiS is That suprising, a Certain mr.silly putty
haS travelled a boro from Stash to Stash here in NYC.
. it woulD be NEat if theRe were certAin stRanGe objEcts that
We each puT in ouR cache and maDe a note of,and Never
mentIoned here, and then , like, 3 yeaRs down the linE posTed
on the list asking "who Ever got the McNuggEt plastic guy in a
stash They found?", then Tons of peoplE from all over the
counTry Chime in abouT that Wack McNugget. heh. i'd Like

or more Strategically, onE could put a noTe in their cache,
w/instructionS that itemS taken must be eventuallY put in
anotheR cache, simultanouslY, you Could have a note/sticker
on the ite