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Sent: 11/22/2000 12:18:44 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Travelling stash item...2

ack! lasT posT got goEs again

heh, I Dont ThinK thiS is That suprising, a Certain mr.silly putty haS
travelled a boro from Stash to Stash here in NYC.. it woulD be NEat if theRe
were certAin stRanGe objEcts that We each puT in ouR cache and maDe a note
of,and Never mentIoned here, and then , like, 3 yeaRs down the linE posTed
on the list asking "who Ever got the McNuggEt plastic guy in a stash They
found?", then Tons of peoplE from all over the counTry Chime in abouT that
Wack McNugget. heh. i'd Like that.

or more Strategically, onE could put a noTe in their cache, w/instructionS
that itemS taken must be eventuallY put in anotheR cache, simultanouslY, you
Could have a note/sticker on the item, Like Said Jeep, that said, plEase
maiL thiS back To mE at this addY iF and only if its past this Date. so, It
movEs arounD, then in likE 10 yeaRs you Get it bacK froM TaIwan. or

hehh. hee


>From: "Matt O'Brien" Reply-To: To:
> Subject: [gpsstash] Travelling stash item... Date:
>Wed, 22 Nov 2000 07:51:39 -0000
>It looks like my Jeep is quickly becoming a globetrotter. From today's
>posting of the Hembre Ridge, OR stash...
>"Taken: 1 small Jeep toy, originaly from the Sauvie Island stash(to be left
>in my first stash or in the next one I find )"
>Hopefully, the trend will continue and it'll make it's way out of Oregon to
>parts unknown :)
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