Sent: 11/24/2000 4:55:59 PM

Re: [gpsstash] I skip all your postings because I find your capitalization annoying,

> I don't bother reading them because I don't want to spend the effort
> decoding your text. If your aim is communicate why try to obfuscate it?

If you don't read his posts why are you complaining?

> Perhaps other people enjoy the extra puzzle and I don't care if I don't get
> your communications but I thought I would just let you know since it is
> possible that others are skipping your postings too.

Personally, I enjoy the extra puzzle and can read it just fine. If people
want to skip his communications, it is their choice. I'm pretty sure Cache
Ninja won't be too broken up over it...

I figure it's his way of weeding out all of the curmudgens. If you can't
read it, you probably won't see the fun in finding his cache...


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