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CA - San Bernardino Offset Cache

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San Bernardino Offset
by Daniel Glenn
N 34° 46.647 W 116° 48.999 (WGS-84)
State: California
Stashed on: 11/24/00

I had a great time putting this together. It is my first stache that I've

Directions -
Go to coordinates: N 34 degrees 46.647' W 116 degrees 48.999'

From that location you'll need to project a waypoint; (heading) 296 degrees
at 0.4 miles. If your MPS doesn't have this feature built in, you'll have to
figure it out on a topographical map.

Then once you reach that projected point, you're at the end of the road and
within 200 feet of the stache.

Continue on the same heading (286 degrees) on foot and you're sure to find
it. It's in plain site, but you've got to be pretty close and at the right
angle to see it. However, I did make part of it sorta stand out for you too.

I put some good stuff in the stache, I think, so it should be worth the
extra effort and a bit different than arriving at a set of coordinates and
looking around. This one takes a little more skill in using you GPS and/or
with a map.

4WD would be kewl, but not necessary. You can get petty close to the site on
the unpaved road, then hike in (about 1 mile).

Be mindful of snakes and careful of loose rocks when hiking. If you go in
the summer, be sure to bring plenty of water and maybe some sunscreen.
Though it wouldn't hurt to do that year round when hiking in the desert.

Have fun!

Daniel Glenn

Jeremy Irish

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and
leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)