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Massachusetts - "FellsFolly"

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You have to check out the photos.


by Dan Foster
N 42° 26.1402 W 71° 6.2658 (WGS-84)
convert to NAD27 or UTM
State: Massachusetts
Stashed on: 11/20/00

difficulty: 2 (rocky area, you'll have to scramble a bit looking for it)
terrain: 2 (1 mile round-trip. Some off-trail, steep sections)

FellsFolly is my first geocache. It's located in one of my favorite areas,
right outside Boston, MA. If you drive north of Boston on I-93, you'll see a
stone tower on your left, at the southern end of the Middlesex Fells. The
entire reservation is criss-crossed with trails, so take a day and explore.
On my homepage, I've included a waypoint and route file that takes you on a
scenic 1 mile tour of the Fells, with visits to the stone tower, two pretty
ponds, an old quarry, some scenic views of Boston, and of course, the

The cache itself is a 6x8x2 tupperware container, and space is limited!
There's a disposable camera inside - please take a picture when you find it.
My homepage has an album of pictures from the day we placed the cache, as
well as prior trips to the Fells in winter, summer, and fall. Check back for
more pictures as I'll be checking on the cache often.

I had a great time planning this cache, squirrelling it away in the woods,
and posting the pictures. I hope you get a chance to visit the Fells to
search for it, and I wish you happy hunting!

- Dan Foster

Jeremy Irish