Sent: 11/25/2000 6:04:24 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 150

> heres one me and some friends came up with on IRC a few years back..
> brtu rsdu yp fp. upi kidy ,pbr upit jsmfd pbrt pmr d[svr yp yjr tohjy/
> hehehehh.. hard to crack, easy to encode!

Not that hard to crack... Here's the solution:

"very easy to do. you just move your hands over one space to the right."

That's pretty clever though :-)


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: 25 -> ten.knilrevlis@wkcuhc : {$s=~s/(.$)//;$n=$n.$1;} :
: 80 -> ekop/ten.knilrevlis.www//:ptth : print "$n\n"; :

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