"Dale Schultz" <>
Sent: 11/25/2000 1:09:41 PM

I skip all your postings because I find your capitalization annoying

> Ahhh don't come down on the guy because his shift key is broken
I did not 'come down' on him/her.

>If Dale was really desiring to skip all of Cache Ninja's postings he would
>have simply done so rather than informing all of us. What Dale probably
>meant is that he is frustrated by the formatting of the message and would
>like to see if he can find others who are frustrated so they can get him
>to stop.

Chuck, I suggest that you do not second guess what I meant or wanted to do.
I stated quite clearly why I was informing him/her that people do not read
the postings.

>I say, "pipe down old man". If you don't see the fun in it, it's probably
>good that you are skipping his messages...

Actually it works the other way. Someone with something to communicate will
tend not obfuscate their communication so in fact it rather helps me skip
through to something that is more likely to be off substance. If I wanted to
do reading puzzles I would find that forum. I also wonder why you think I
don't see the fun in reading puzzles. There are lots of fun things that I
understand and participate in, but not in the gps stash list.