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New Jersey - "gerbiL cacHe"

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gerbiL cacHe
by cach=e_ninjA
N 41° 5.63 W 74° 12.18 (WGS-84)
State: New Jersey
Stashed on: 11/25/00

1st cache in the Gar^den S#Tat@E?!! thinK so.

terrAin/dif=ficulty 2/2 , eaSy hikinG trAils, buT some ROcks and hilLY,
miNima L n"0vice climbINg requiRed to finD i%t.
cache: weiRD cylinder-Type Rubb#erM@id conTain]Er, LonG, buT s+mall.
smAll iTemS, fee;l frEE takE# /lEAve \thingiE w/smA!l


-RamApo ReSerVa$tion.
-riDG__E trA)i(l
-finD naturAL ovErlook(iE noT "offiCial"), oVer riDGE/small
vAll ey, 5 metERs or so offTRail.
-its neAR giAnt bu)_uriEd boulDERs verY lonG, all yOU see ARE topS (thinK of
the BAck of a whal/E)-caREful, theRe are 2 spoTs like thiS=-cahCE at 1.
-scaMpER doWn riDge a ver_y liTTlE, creVice betw3en 2 BoulDers ,has treE
growing iN it. LooK At bASE of TREE in creV ice.
*makE sure nOOnE arouD/coVEr w/lEaves bArk when finiShEd pleASE!

cach=e_ninjA ;)

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