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The GA-27C antenna for the emap is available from TVNAV for $70 (according to
their website).

Check out:

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On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 10:00:38AM -0800, wrote:
> I am considering the upgraded antenna for my eMap. I was wondering if
> anyone knew of an amplified GPS antenna? Those signals are so weak, it
> seems like a little amplification might be order.

well i believe the garmin antenna (the GA-27C) is amplified. it's
referred to as 'active' but lord knows if that as a marketing term really
means 'amplified'. well..i'm sure someone on the list knows and will be
happy to point out my folly. ;)

> Also, there is a stock antenna that jacks in to the back of the eMap. If
> you have it, does it work well for you? Was it worth what you paid?

i have the GA-27C and i must say i'm completely impressed with it's
performance. i was actually able to get a 12 channel parallel lock in
florida (read: entirely flat) driving down the turnpike. it's the first
time i have seen altitude information that wasn't wildly fluctuating or
just plain inaccurate. does much better with the magnetic mount on top of
the car than the suction cup mount in the window. (duh ;)

i was a bit worried about the mcx connector but it seems to be more
durable than it looks. i haven't had any problems with it.

as to whether it's worth $100 or so - it's a hard call. i suppose it
depends on how often you use the emap in the car (or on the boat) versus
how much you're using it in hand-held mode. all in all though, i was
pleasantly surprised with it's performance and i'd recommend it.

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