Sent: 11/29/2000 3:43:07 PM

magellan gps 315 vs. garmin etrex

hi everyone,
i'm about to finally buy a gps unit..
i did alot of reading on various gps handhelds the web, you all gave me alot of good advice/links etc..after an assesment of my needs/budget etc, i've narrowed it down to the magellan gps 315 and the garmin etrex, unfortunately salespeople have been less than helpful, and a bunch of the web stores i've e-mailed either only carry garmin, or just refer me to the garmni/magellan sites...

my question, (please reply privately if this is offtopic etc/i tried the messege boards but noone replied):

what are the main differences between these two units and/or does anyone own one and recommend one over the other one for some reason?
the only feature that seems different is the magellan stores more routes, but i feel like something else must account for the 35$ price difference...

any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated..
take care + thanks for your time