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New Texas - "No walk in the Park"

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No walk in the Park
by Patman & Samo
N 33° 0.72 W 97° 5.77 (WGS-84)
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State: Texas
Stashed on: 11/28/00

hey guys ( uh, & gals ),

Yeah, OK. I've tried this geostashin' stuff with my buddy a few times & it's
pretty cool...soooo, I thought I'd hike out to the middle of relative )
nowhere, & dislocate a box o' goodies. That said, here's how ya get there.

...and in those days, in the land of the Grape, there was gathered much
hydrogen & oxygen, such that a great pool was formed.
And people came from miles around to visit this great pool, to walk around
it, and to ride their human powered machines...

It is there that the booty is hidden.
In a place not walked, nor bicycle ridden.
It is there, away from the pool, but close just the same.
Away from the trails, that we'll play this little game.
The numbers you use to say when you're nearin',
won't get you there, but instead to a clearin'.
As the trail turns north, look to the south,
a wood post is there, to show hikers their route.
look on the back a number is scribed,
to tell you the paces that you must stride.
South, southeast is the direction you seek,
but don't go to far you'll fall in the creek.
In a place that is lower, fallen trees lay about
then at your feet, a big rock sticks out.
it's maybe six feet by four feet,
weighing hundreds of pounds.
In a crevice beside it's where the stash can be found.

Hint : 75 paces
Hint : Park at the trail-head closest to the marina / eatery

Patman & Samo

Jeremy Irish

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and
leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)