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RE: [gpsstash] magellan gps 315 vs. garmin etrex

Anyone check out this beast?

I personally own an eTrex, and would have rather owned the eTrex summit for
the altimeter and compass. However I can see how it is cost prohibitive, so
a cheap compass can do just as well.

The only drawback with the eTrex is the lack of averaging, which is helpful
when getting exact coordinates while hiding a cache. The Magellan allows you
to average out points over time when your gps is stationary. I get past the
deficiency by taking multiple waypoints and picking the best coordinate from
the shotgun pattern.


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If I were to get an etrex, I'd get one with a compass, though that does
change the budget. FWIW, I have the emap. I pack a compass also, because I
often want to sight something, and need to know my orientation without
taking a hike to get the virtual compass to work.

Either GPS should help you find your stash, so I would guess it comes down
to what other tasks do you want to accomplish.

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