Sent: 11/29/2000 10:51:55 PM

Re: [gpsstash] eTrex Summit Info

Hi Andy,

First of all I'd like to say welcome to the group. I have a eTrexSummit and
like it a lot. The eTrexSummit GPS is nice for it's size and features. It
is firmware upgradable from Garmin's web page. It has a barometer and
altimeter for those people who know how to interpret the data presented and
that way can tell when a storm is sneaking up on them and be prepared. The
Summit is small and waterproof which comes in handy with all the bells and
whistles mentioned on their site (BTW-check for the GPS of your
choice as they gave me a great deal). Now, the bad side of this GPS. It
does not support map uploads which could be of great help in some trips and
other GPS units do. The backlight is not terribly bright if you need to rely
on it in a car on the move. I hope this helps you with your decision making.
The eTrex doesn't have the barometer and some other features but is
upgradable and you can go to Garmin's site and compare the eTrex vs. eTrex
Summit and they will give you a comparison chart that shows their features.

Have a great day..

Sean Forbes
Monrovia, CA.