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RE: [gpsstash] method for 30$ off new gps unit

Now thats talent!

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Subject: [gpsstash] method for 30$ off new gps unit

had some extra time to do this today, actually in the end i think i saved
30$+, including tax and shipping, my magellan gps 315 , new, was 124.17$

this would work for anything/any electronics item from staples, i think they
might only have the magellan 315 in terms of gps right now, they also have
magellan acessories/cd-roms. but i bet in the near future they'll be adding
more/they are really good w/customer service-if people ask for more models
they might stock them, im not sure what they have though, look

search for "gps", find unit = magellan gps 315 is 179$=overpriced
(but w/freenext day shipping). staples, however, will match
competitors' prices, but they will add on the shipping that the
comptetitors charge.

search for magellan gps 315 turns up tons of stores, one, has it for 144$. here's the key, turboprice has
no next day shipping, staples, when matching price will add
shipping of the competitor that most closely approximates next day.
Truboprice only has ground for 9$, so 9$ was added to the 144$,, has it for 144$ but next day for 20$, so that 20$
wouldve been added had i used them as the "competitor".

3.goto or
these sites have tons of Stalpes coupon codes, there are alot for
40$ off a purchase of 150$ or more. (also 25$ off 100$ etc
etc) - these coupon sites have been aroudn for a few years
now, there are more of them-pretty usefull.

now call staples 1-800-3STAPLE, choose the "more info about product" option.
they'll hook you up. it might take a few minutes, they need to confirm,
themselves, what the other price would be w/shipping at the other place etc.

so, in the end it was 124.17$ for a new magellan gps 315 shipped to my door,
w/tax included. not bad right? cheaper than what they are going for,used,
on ebay w/o shipping.

feel free to post this to any relevant places, just dont include my e-mail

take care

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