"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 11/6/2000 10:33:34 AM

Re: LONDON stash: how do I place it?

I suppose you'd need someone with geographical knowledge of the
London area to help determine a good location, however, I'd refrain
from placing a stash in an area where you are not able to maintain it
on a semi-regular basis. The stash owner needs to be able to visit
his/her stash occasionally to verify it still exists at the
designated coordinates, hasn't fallen victim to plunderers or the
elements, hasn't become exposed due to unforseen circumstances, etc.

If you travel to London on an annual or semi-annual basis, or know
someone there who can maintain it for you, go for it.

Good luck.


> I am traveling to London this week and want to place
> on there, but need advice on where (in an urban
> environment) to place one??? Can you give ideas?