Jeremy Lawrence <>
Sent: 11/6/2000 9:32:57 PM

Re: [gpsstash] LONDON stash: how do I place it?

Tre McCroskey wrote:


> I am traveling to London this week and want to place
> on there, but need advice on where (in an urban
> environment) to place one??? Can you give ideas?

Hi Tre,

I used to live in West London and if I were you I'd be very discreet
about hiding a medium sized anything in THAT urban environment. It
sounds weird to us as Americans, but someone seen stashing something
might be suspected of placing a bomb. Londoners are constantly reminded
to be on the lookout for suspicious persons and packages. I personally
have seen plainclothes cops doing building searches and pulling up
manholes down the street from my old flat.

I think the idea of an urban stash is great - and London would be fun as
it's so close to Greenwich Meridian... just be aware of the cultural
differences. Population density is pretty high in metro London- a stash
there would be quite a challenge!

-Jeremy Lawrence