Greg Ahpee <>
Sent: 11/8/2000 4:52:35 PM

Second Stash Near Melbourne - Australia

After enjoying the challenge of finding Melbourne's 1st stash, I have placed my
own near Melbourne as follows:

Name: Mt Despair
Lat: 37 26.642S
Lon: 145 32.626E
Difficulty: 2

The stash is buried in a white plastic bucket and covered by small logs. The lid
is visible between the logs so it shouldn't be too hard to find. It is possible
to drive to a point about 200 metres from the stash and then it is a walk up a
moderately steep hill to the site.

Note: The road in from the south via Toolangi and Kalatha Camp is much better
than from the north (via Murrindindi) but either way should be ok in a 2WD
vehicle providing there has been no recent rain.

Greg Ahpee