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Re: [gpsstash] GPS Database

actually, i read about something similar here in the US, some company, i beleive is developing some database/app for palmOS pdas, i wish i could remember the name, it involved "toilet" i believe...
im not sure it involved using a GPS on your pda to find the toilets, im sure you could though...

the best i could find quickly on google was
thats not the comapny i was talking about wrote:
> Imagine what kind of cache's will result from this :-)

(Note: I'm pretty sure a reference to this has been posted before. This
one includes a URL and a bit more information.)

Compiling a Database of Australian Public Toilets

Of all the great reasons to own a GPS receiver, this may well be one of
the best. An Australian company is compiling a geographical database of
all 13,000 public toilets in that nation. The project grew from a
collaboration between the Australian Minister for Aged Care and the
Continence Foundation of Australia. Clearly, people with a medical
condition will be grateful for the information, but the project stands on
its own merits as a genuine public service. While the database is not yet
complete, we figured publicizing the effort might spur similar projects
in other places around the world. From there it's only a short step to
the traveler's nirvana of a wireless PDA and on-demand directions to the
nearest public convenience. Wired has more details.,1284,40331,00.html

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