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entering coordinates/online map

potentially silly question(maybe its obvious and i missed the button) :

mapquest generates these maps for

i can't figure out how, if i just got the regular mapquest page, or any other online map source, to just enter GPS coordinates, liek those below, in order to generate a map..

anyone have any insight?

im sure im just missing some obvious link.

take care

--------------- wrote:
> Tea Party Cache
N41 12.866
W73 49.828

Difficulty: 1.5
Terrain: 1

This cache is in a one-gallon metal paint can; it is hidden such that
you won't be able to see it until you are almost on top of it.
Remember, X marks the spot.

The terrain on this is fairly easy; only mild hills and moderate
undergrowth. As usual, if you're bushwhacking for more than the last
couple hundred feet, there's an easier way to get to where you're going.

Note - this will be a nice hike in the spring, espeically if you like

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