Bill Croft <>
Sent: 12/11/2000 12:05:45 AM

Geocaching Information Sought

Hello, my name is Bill Croft.
I am a sports and leisure writer working for a company called The
Bridges Initiative (
My job is to produce articles providing an overview of various
recreational and leisure activities available today. The articles that I
write are made available to high school students throughout North America.
My latest assignment is to offer an introduction to the leisure activity
of geocaching.
I am hoping that a few regular participants (American or Canadian) on
this newsgroup would be willing to take part in a short e-mail
questionnaire, to provide me with some of the background on geocaching
for my article.
As I am working on a deadline, please e-mail me back as soon as possible
if you can assist me. You can contact me either by replying to this
posting, or through the email address below.
Thanks in advance for your assistance in this assignment.

Bill Croft