"Jeremy" <>
Sent: 12/11/2000 1:41:58 AM
Subject: article and New Cache

Andy Solomon pointed me to a new article on -

Hunting the secret cyber-stash

Probably the best written article I read yet. Janelle actually hid her own
stash as part of her research for the story. Her cache is below -


Fog City Stash
by Janelle Brown
N 37° 46.894 W 122° 30.745 (WGS-84)
State: California
Stashed on: 12/10/00

Difficulty: 1-2, both terrain and difficulty.

Look for the sidewise tree with the J.H.A initials graffiti'd on the side.
Stash is hidden under the feathery roots, in a white tupperware container.
Bring small items! Great area for mountain bikers, as well. Enjoy!

Jeremy Irish