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Re: [gpsstash] idea/project for newbies

hmmm, true true..
if i hadnt asked a bunch of questions on here a few times, i wouldnt have gotten the info I needed to make my decision on which gps unit. retailers weren't that helpful. i guess not everyone would readily join a listserv and ask questions.

i totally agree that it would be awesome to have a page where geocachers review units/why they bought them etc. that would be really cool. i tried to ask some questions like these on the forum and it generated very little discussion. a comparison table of all gps units would be amazing, but difficult to maintain/keep up to date..

sure this would be essential info for a "quick start" section, but i was just thinking it shouldnt be included on the same page as a "quick start" in terms of actually getting going/operation once you have the unit, thats all..

sure a "buying a gps" would be a great page on the url, as long as its focuses on/is more oriented toward geocaching. im sure there are tons and tons of potential gps FAQs and links all over the net...sure people buy the units for other stuff than geocaching and this might factor into the "advice/reviews" section....i guess if the reviews are all generated by us geocachers, it would invariably catering to people interested in starting to get into this thing... this all just seems like alot of work for jeremy which is why i was just suggesting the "quick start" operating instructions since it could be a collaborative effort...



as far as i know, my emap does not have the ability to average data over a
period of time internally. i can, however, do it with pc software and the
link cable.

this might be a valuable thing to post for people who are potentially
going to buy a unit to get into geocaching - i certainly would have liked
to have this point brought to my attention before i bought the unit.

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