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RE: [gpsstash] idea/project for newbies

I agree. I'm starting simple. Drop-down list of GPS units, how can I set a
waypoint to find a cache. My imagination gets away from me sometimes :)


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im glad people are into this idea
i think something potentially important would be to keep it minimal.

i dont think this page/database of units would be the place to list all the
features or various units, or have tons of reviews/advice and so forth. that
wasnt the idea i had, and i think all that stuff would be potentially
overwhelming for newbies.

my idea was a simple html page that has instructions on how to get started
geocaching once you have the unit. simple instructions on how to use it
specifically for geocaching.

i agree it would be cool to have an html page that compares various units
features/has reviews etc, but I think that should be something seperate.
also, there are many retailers of gps units on the net that already have
pages that compare features. maybe we could direct people to those, and if
they have any questions about features, have them post questions on the
forum etc.

all of the above IMHO obviously.. i just feel like the intitial idea was to
provide something simple and not too dense in terms of content. i.e.
manuals may really have alot of info. this page would filter it down to a
few simple steps of what you need to do to start finding a cache, once you
have a gps unit..


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