"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 12/12/2000 9:45:15 PM

Re: idea/project for newbies

> Anyone know of a place where I can find a list of GPS units out
> that'd be a great help.

Here's a list I compiled real quick from the leading vendors
websites. No doubt there are vendors I didn't list and/or models I've
omitted, but it should give you a start.

Garmin eMap
Garmin eTrex
Garmin eTrex Summit
Garmin GPS 12
Garmin GPS 12 XL
Garmin GPS 12CX
Garmin GPS 12MAP
Garmin GPS II Plus
Garmin GPS III Plus
Garmin GPS 48
Garmin Navtalk - GPS / Phone
Garmin GPSMAP 175

Garmin GPS II (discontinued)
Garmin GPS III (discontinued)
Garmin GPS 38 (discontinued)
Garmin GPS 40 (discontinued)
Garmin GPS 50 (discontinued)
Garmin GPS 75 (discontinued)

Magellan GPS 310
Magellan GPS 315
Magellan GPS 320
Magellan Map 330
Magellan Map 410
Magellan colorTRAK
Magellan GPS 300
Magellan 2000 XL
Magellan Blazer12
Magellan Tracker
Magellan NAV 6000
Magellan NAV 6500
Magellan NAV 6510

Lowrance iFINDER
Lowrance iFINDER Plus
Lowrance GlobalMap 100
Lowrance GlobalMap 100 Plus
Lowrance GlobalMap 1600
Lowrance GlobalMap 3000MT
Lowrance GlobalNav 310

Brunton Multi-Navigator