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RE: [gpsstash] idea/project for newbies

not a bad idea, especially with all the coming press. Quick start
instructions could grab alot more people. A page about the most popular
GPS's would be nice also.


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Subject: [gpsstash] idea/project for newbies

hey everyone...
there's been so much press recently and invariably there will be tons more
visiters to the url/people interested in starting out. i had this idea, im
curious what people think about it, mabye its a waste of time/people will
just say, hey, read the manual....

granted, there are probably alot of gadget inclined people that will read
about geocaching, grab a gps, and get going easily. however, i think there
might be a alot of people, though, that are interested, but might be a
little intimidated by a gps unit.

what if we created a little database,all of us together, that could be
hosted on, that just gave brief instructions on how to
quickly get started geocaching w/various gps units. im sure some of them
are more complex than others/come w/huge manuals and that many of the older
ones, that can be purchased kinda cheaply on ebay might not be as user
friendly.. im not talking about elaborate instructions on how to use all
the features on the gps/and an introduction to gps etc., just some basic
instructions, a few lines, on how specifically to get quickly started
looking for a 1/1 rated cache via various units. i.e. here's how to plug in
the coordinates, create a waypoint/goto etc etc. follow this indicator etc

maybe if people saw an html page or link on that had, kinda
a "quick start instructions" on how to get geocaching w/ various units, they
might be more inclined to do so? so many people on here have dffferent gps
units, I think this would be easy to do, and might save newbies alot of
frustration/time if they aren't technically inclined, and might only
potentially take a few minutes for some of us to write. im sure there is
alot of gps info on the web, but if we kept these instructions are all only
geocaching related, and not too huge/in depth and intimidating, i think
they would be usefull.

just an idea..
what does everyone think?


ps, obviously we shouldnt encourage people to head into the middle of some
mountain range w/only a simple geocaching-oriented knowledge of gps, we
could add a big disclaimer at the top...

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