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Re: idea/project for newbies

As far as I know, you are correct. It should be compatible with any
GPS receiver you can hook up to the Palm's serial port, and which
outputs standard NMEA sentences. However, the Handspring Springboard
unit does not use the serial port, and that was my main point.
Anyone who is interested in beta testing my Palm Geocaching
application, please let me know, I'll send a copy. However, I should
point out that I haven't written any documentation for it yet (and
probably won't be able to for a while, work is keeping me quite busy).

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> > Unfortunately, the Palm III/V GPS unit uses the serial port, and
> the
> > Handspring GPS Springboard unit doesn't, so the software doesn't
> work
> > with the Handspring GPS unit :( (Which actually is not great for
> me
> > either, I just got my hands on a Visor Prism)
> How does the Palm III/V unit communicate through the serial port? I
> have a Magellan 310 which passes NMEA messages to a serial port.
> Therefore, I can connect it to my palm with a hotsync cable and a
> null modem adapter. I'd assume that the Palm version does the same
> the handheld versions. If so, your software would be compatable
> a variety of GPS handhelds.