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cheap garmin for the holidays

i hope this isnt redundant, the forum doesn't seem to get a ton of traffic(I guess neither does this list), so i thought i'd post this from on there-in case anyone missed it/wanted to get an etrex last minute for a friend or something, for kinda cheap..this guy got it for 54$! also he seems to say the emap was 99$.
read the entire mail, the III+ was a mistake..etc.
i just checked, etrex is 69$ emap is 99$
A heads-up on the Office Depot deal - the clearance sale has entered the final days, with prices for an eTrex hanging at $70 and prices for a Garmin III+ weighing in at a scant $99. Chances are, evey store you can find is sold out of the III+ units, but you can still find some eTrex units lying about.
Match that eTrex with the in-store offer of $10 off a no-commitment AOL subscription (I signed up and cancelled the next day) and then use the coupon at this cryptic link : for another $10 off. I got my eTrex for $54 after sales tax - I bet one of you can do better, esp. if you get them to lower prices for an open box or display unit.

Good luck!

Note to moderators : if it is not kosher to post coupon info in this forum, please change the URL to, where you need to do a search for 'Office Depot'. The link is posted there with Office Depot's knowledge.

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unregistered posted 12-17-2000 02:40 PM
Addendum : it appears that the $99 price for the Garmin III+ unit at Office Depot was a severe pricing mistake. On the website, the price is already at $289, and stores appear to be a day behind, so this deal will dry up on December 18... for those that were able to get the Garmin III+ at $99, congratulations!
The eTrex and eMap prices are still the same - $69 and $99.