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New Arizona - "Senda de Tonto"

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Senda de Tonto
by Steve Kennely
N 33° 30.573 W 111° 40.946 (WGS-84)
State: Arizona
Stashed on: 12/17/00

Overall dificulty is 1-2
Terrain is 1-2

This is my first cache, so I made it pretty easy. There are at least two
good approaches - one from the South, and another, VERY obvious one from the
North. HINT: if you take the Northern route during monsoon season, you might
want to bring dive gear;-)
I call this "Senda de Tonto", because it's on the edge of the Tonto National
Forest, and easily accessable on foot, or by bicycle. Don't forget to bring
water, and watch out for rattlesnakes.

The stash is in a green ammo can, and not easy to see until you get within 3
meters or so.

Jeremy Irish