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New Australia - "Sandy Creek"

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Sandy Creek
by Karl Gramp
S 34° 36.35466 E 138° 51.21132 (WGS-84)
in South Australia, Australia
Stashed on: 12/17/00

Overall difficulty: 1
Terrain difficulty: 1

Location: Sandy Creek Conservation Park, Near Sandy Creek, South Australia
Start at car park. Head west around perimeter until you come to the
honeyeater and wren paths. Take the honeyeater path and proceed until the
cache bears to the left about 60 metres. Go straight to it. It is a blue
container with a white lid half buried between a gum tree and three pine
trees. It is partly covered with dead wood.

You could go direct cross country from the car park if you liked.

You can also approach it from the opposite direction from the Youth Hostel

Jeremy Irish