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New Cache - "Scotland's First"

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Scotland's First
by Jock Scott
N 56° 23.22 W 4° 32.985 (WGS-84)
Country: United Kingdom
Stashed on: 12/15/00

A couple of points to make:
1. It's impossible to place the cache on public lands because no such land
exists! Every square inch of these islands is owned by someone - there is no
such thing as "Public Land". Even National Parks are merely administrative
areas - the government only owns military land through the MOD.

2. Here, everyone sets their GPS units to OS Grid. Ordnanacy Survey is the
government department which has mapped the British Isles. Everyone I know
sets their units to OS and leaves them unless going overseas. So I've given
the cache these co-ordinates.

NN42606 / 24542

It is level 5 difficulty. This is the hint: drive and hour and a quarter
North of Glasgow, and then hike up a steep hill for another hour and a half.
Follow a series of stream into a shallow corrie, and as the ground steepens,
look to the right (South) for a large rock marked by a small piles of stones
placed ontop. The cache is underneath the large rock.

Jeremy Irish