"Jeremy" <>
Sent: 12/19/2000 4:51:05 PM

Geocaching T-shirt, hat, etc?


I was thinking about designing a t-shirt or some other item for Geocaching,
and was curious to know if anyone would be interested in buying such a
thing? It so happens I work for a company that prints promotional products
(t-shirts, hats, etc) and my boss thought it would be pretty cool to make a
t-shirt, hat, or some ad-specialty product like a compass. Because I work
for them (and he's excited about the game), we can get the shirts for less
than it would cost to do something with

We do company products like Hard Rock Cafe, the Cartoon Network, Starbucks,
etc., so the shirts would turn out pretty cool. I'll keep the cost way down
since I'm more interested in having the products made than making any money
off of it. I will, however, have to put some money into it up front in order
to pay for the cost of printing, etc., so I'd rather know if people would
want something like this up front.

If you're interested in buying such a thing or have some ideas on what would
be a cool item to have, let me know! I posted this to, so you can chat there, or contact me direct
(jeremy at

(One idea is to have an "official" water-tight container for geocaching, or
a "kit" with a logbook, etc. I'm seeing a lot of trash bags and other odd
containers being used lately.)