"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 12/21/2000 2:05:54 PM

Another type of treasure hunt

For thos of us in Oregon, there is another new type of treasure hunt
taking place along the coast near Lincoln City. Read the following
for details.

A bit of background: For many years, glass floats (glass balls used
by Japanese fishermen in their fishing nets) have been washing ashore
on the west coast. Glass balls haven't been used by the fishermen for
many years, but the balls continue to arrive after floating aimlessly
in the Pacific Ocean for many years. As time passes, finding them
becomes increasingly more rare. Finding one is a treat few get the
opportunity to enjoy. These glass blowing artists are providing the
opportunity to more beach combers, albeit finding one of their floats
isn't quite the same as finding a real one. But the children don't
care. to them, a pretty multi-colored float is just as much a
treasure as a plain, green-tinted translucent real one.

I intend to take my daughter down there with the hopes of finding one
of these floats that she can treasure the rest of her life.