"Jeremy Irish" <>
Sent: 12/27/2000 10:19:16 PM

Lots of New Stashes!

It's getting to the point where I can no longer post each cache as I add
them to the site! I suppose that would be a good thing :)

Here's a list of those hidden in the last 7 days

The Dingo’s Christmas Bone (Australia) by the Desert Dingo,
90° (Belgium) by Didier Stevens,
Diablo Point Cache (Arizona) by Flipper and Mikeytwoshoes,
Ralph's Old Fishing Cache (Connecticut) by Chris Rohner,
Christmas Cache (Florida) by DOGBONE,
Modoc Stash (Georgia) by Eric Stapleton,
Blackbeard's Geocache (North Carolina) by RGareyVMI,
XKD-380 (Nevada) by DS,
Hudson's Folly (New York) by Chris Rohner,
Inspirational (Oregon) by Brian Donohue,
Stone Wall Stash (Pennsylvania) by Mark McConnell,
Covert-001 (Pennsylvania) by CovertGPS,
The Springfield Santa Stash (Virginia) by Drew Cohn,
Fairfax County VA Watch Exchange (Virginia) by Drew Cohn.

Some of them I have already posted here and to the site. As always, the list
of the newest
stashes are at

Also, lots of caches have been logged this week! Lots of vacationers, I
suppose :)

On my list of things to do is to have automatic notifications when a cache
has been placed in your area. I'll hopefully have this done very soon.

Jeremy Irish